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Azura has partnered with Everfi to provide practical financial education for our members. 

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Money Insight:  Free, secure, easy to access, personal financial management tools.

Money Insight

Money Insight offers secure, easy to access, personal financial management tools that are free for you to use! Our hope is Money Insight will empower you to master your finances, manage all of your money from one place, and ultimately, simplify your life!

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What can Money Insight do?

  • Provide up-to-date information on ALL of your accounts, even those from other financial institutions, which allows you to get a quick and complete overview of your finances in one place
  • Set and receive alerts for a variety of instances, like deposits received, budget overages, etc.
  • Assign budget groups based on your current transactions, like Home, Auto, Food, Entertainment, etc.

How can I access Money Insight? 

Money Insight is available not only on your desktop or laptop computer through Azura Online Banking, but also on your smart phone and tablet through our free Money Insight App.

On Your PC
Money Insight can be accessed on your PC by logging in to Azura Online Banking. Once logged in, locate Money Insight in the left hand navigation bar. 

On Your Smart Phone/Tablet
Azura offers Money Insight as a free app, available through the Google Play store and the Apple app store. To download, search for "Money Insight by Azura" in either app store. 

With its easy-to-use interface, Money Insight can help you achieve all of your financial goals! 

Financial questions? We can help.

Azura Credit Union members have access to our team of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. They're available by appointment and their services are free of charge to members.

Contact an Azura Certified Financial Counselor at 785-233-5556 or by e-mail. They're happy to set an appointment to discuss your personal financial needs.