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Financial Wellness


Azura and Banzai have partnered to bring you clear, in-depth lessons and resources to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.



Collections includes how to prepare for all of those important financial decisions we come across in life. The Collections section is an excellent place to start learning, preparing and succeeding at taking control of your money. 


For kids, teens, and young adults, these courses teach basic and advanced financial concepts using real-life scenarios. 


Over 100 articles to choose from with most being under 5 minutes! Articles for all walks of life with tips, tools and recommendations on options for handling your financial future.


WOW! You want options? We got them. These calculators not only provide the tools, but include an activity. They let you walk through the numbers and options, so you can take control of your money.


The Coaches section takes common financial topics to cover, steps to get started and recommendations for meeting your goal(s). Complete coaching sessions from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

WU Financial Wellness

WU Financial Wellness is a new program that offers financial-based education sessions, mentoring and other resources for Washburn students. Azura will lead financial workshops and presentations on campus throughout the school year. Azura will also implement a peer-to-peer mentoring system and access to free financial literacy modules.
WU Financial Wellness powered by Azura

Discover Money Management

What is Money Management? 

Money Management keeps all your account information, even accounts at other financial institutions, at your fingertips! You'll be able to track transactions, make budgets, set goals, view your net worth and more!

How can I get started with Money Management?

Simply log in to your Online Banking account or Azura mobile app and select "Money Management."

After accessing Money management, it's just an easy 4-step process to get started:

    1. Add your accounts from other financial institutions - Add your accounts for all your financial institutions to see a clear picture of your financial health. 
    2. Review your transaction history - Easily scan and categorize your transactions. This helps you see where your money is going and quickly spot any unusual or fraudulent transactions.
    3. Set up a budget - Money Management makes it easy to visualize your budget with their innovative "budget bubbles.
    4. Stay Up-to-Date - Configure custom alerts to keep you notified about the important things happening with your account, like a low balance or any upcoming payments.


Financial Counselors

With Azura Credit Union, you're not alone with your financial questions and concerns.

Azura Credit Union members have access to our team of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. They're available by appointment and their services are free of charge to members.

Our Financial Counselors are certified to assist you with:

  • Creating a budget
  • Understanding your credit report
  • Managing your cash
  • Setting financial goals and making a plan to achieve them
  • Creating a savings plan
  • Regaining control of your finances and getting out of debt

Ready to get started? Schedule your FREE appointment today!

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Discover More.

Our Above & Beyond blog features great articles with important financial tips and news.