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Build Your Dream Home with Azura

 The first step toward your dream home is securing a construction loan that is as unique as your vision. Building a home is a unique opportunity to create a living space that mirrors individual tastes and lifestyles. Unlike buying an existing property, constructing a home allows for complete customization, from layout to finishes.

Discover the Benefits

A construction loan offers several benefits for individuals looking to build a new home or undertake significant renovations.

Competitive, Fixed Rates

Enjoy the security of knowing your interest rate will not change.

Budget Friendly

Enjoy interest only payments during construction.

Draw Process

Funds are released in increments as construction milestones are reached. This ensures that you have the necessary funds at each stage of the project.

Ownership Control

Building a custom home allows for greater control over the design and layout, ensuring that the finished product aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Other Features:

  • Up to 12 months to complete construction
  • Maximum loan to value is 85% of as-completed appraised value

Simply apply online to start your home building journey. We're ready to help you pave the way!

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Construction Loans

Effective Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Construction Loans

Loan TypeLTVRate
Custom Constructionup to 85%8.00%

T APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

  • Rate and term are subject to credit approval.
  • Origination fee of $1,000
  • Interest only for up to 12 months
  • Rates quoted above based on $150,000 loan amount
  • Rates are effective as of the date stated above and subject to change daily without notice
  • APR's based on 15 days of prepaid interest, please call Azura for further explanation

Go Above and Beyond with Azura

Land Loans

Building a new home allows you to personalize the home to your lifestyle and taste, live worry free with lower maintenance and energy costs, and avoid competing with homebuyers trying to find existing homes.

Home Sweet Home

Whether it's your first place or finding something new, our Home Loan team can help.