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We're passionate about serving the communities where we work, live, and play. We help by giving our time, knowledge, and resources to support local organizations. We don’t exist just to do day-to-day business - we work to create tangible, sustainable solutions to make our community better each day. Come join us!

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Giving back in the classroom.

Azura Employee Foundation

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Azura Employee Foundation Collecting Donations for Helping Hands Humane Society and Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue in the Month of June

For the entire month of June, AEF is encouraging members and staff to donate items to HHHS in Topeka and Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue in Lenexa. These organizations are needing the following items:

• Any size Kong toy (stay away from cotton toys)
• Towels
• Paper Towels
• Laundry Soap
• Cat Litter
• Latex and Non-latex gloves
• Dawn dish soap

Donations can be made at your nearest Azura location.

Helping Hands Humane Society

Topeka, KS

Organization dedicated to helping individuals reclaim lost pets, adopt a new pet, bring in stray animals/pets they can no longer care for, shop for pet supplies, attend dog training classes, and more!

Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue

Kansas City, KS

Nonprofit organization fostering pets, providing medical care (exams, treatments, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, deworming and heartworm preventative), microchips, and advocating for the general welfare of animals in need.

More Stories

Meet Laura: Volunteer of the Month

Our volunteering brings people together, strengthens our community, and makes our staff healthier by reducing stress and strengthening our immune system. Laura DeVoe, an Internal Auditor at Azura, is investing in our community by volunteering for the United Way program Junior Leader Reader.

Azura Employees Celebrate Giving Tuesday

The Azura Employee Foundation (AEF) came together and spent Giving Tuesday delivering checks to their fall grant recipients. Six different organizations were awarded grants totaling $14,000.